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Ficus microcarpa

Ficus microcarpa Ficus microcarpa
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Ficus microcarpa


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Ficus microcarpa is a small and easy bonsai type of plant which  is great for growing in any home and does not require any complicated follow-up.

This plant will do great both in  nice living rooms and in cozy bathrooms,as long as it gets light and proper moisture.

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Ficus microcarpa is relatively easy to grow outdoors in warm, humid regions like South Florida but requires a little more patience in cooler areas.


Green Island Ficus Plant Care

A quick glance of the Ficus green island and its glossy green leaves one could mistake the plant for a jade plant at home in a tropical garden.

Size and Growth

In its native regions, Ficus microcarpa can reach over twenty feet tall with a massive canopy.

The selected varieties commonly sold and cultivated in North America are a little smaller, reaching 8′ feet tall if left unattended.

The plant is typically grown as a low hedge or as a ground cover. The shape is managed by pruning to keep the Ficus at the desired height.

Flowering and Fragrance

The plant rarely flowers. It’s grown for its dense deep green glossy leaves, offering shade or helping to establish a perimeter.

Light and Temperature

The ficus is a tropical plant and thrives in warm, humid locations. It’s recommended for USDA hardiness zones 9 to 11.

In areas with dry or cool weather, the plant should be grown indoors or moved indoors in the fall.

Outdoors, it should receive full sun to partial shade.

Microcarpa can handle full sun and is recommended in regions with high humidity while part shade is preferred for drier areas, helping the soil retain more moisture.

Watering and Feeding

This low-maintenance shrub doesn’t require frequent watering except when young.

Until mature, water two to three times per week throughout the warmer months. Fertilizer isn’t needed.

After the plant matures, it only needs infrequent watering, about once every one or two weeks.

Give it a deep thorough watering, saturating the soil without completely drowning the plant.

Soil and Transplanting

Use ordinary soil with good drainage. The ficus is an easy plant to grow and tends to take root in almost any conditions unless the air is too dry or cool.

If the plant is grown in a container throughout the year, transplant it every two years to freshen the soil or if it outgrows its home.

Maintenance and Grooming

Grooming is the main maintenance task when caring for the Green Island Ficus. It is easy to keep small with pruning.

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