Opuntia Microdasys (Bunny Ear Cactus)

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Description For Opuntia Microdasys (Bunny Ear Cactus)

Opuntia Microdasys has the appearance of a shrub, and spreads out to cover between 2-5 feet of ground as a mature plant. The thick pads of this plant are adorned with fuzzy glochids, or short bristles, that resemble the fur of rabbits and grow in ear like pairs.Named for its visual appearance, the Bunny Ear Cactus, also called the Polka-Dot Cactus.The plant has no central stem or leaves. The individual segments which constitute the cactus body are oval shaped pads from which additional segments form. These new segments always grow in pairs, giving new growth areas the appearance of bunny ears. Newest segments grow in as a red color, and mature to dark green as they grow. Flowers will always sprout from the terminal ends of segment pads.

FeatureBest plant for AC rooms, office desk , low maintenance plant, indoor plant for low light condition, Easy to grow
CategoryLive Plants
Common NameOpuntia Microdasys (Bunny Ear Cactus)
Usagedecoration and planting
Size2-5 Feets
Dispatch Time Minimum 3-5 Days for Dispatch as Plants Have to be Dried before they can be packed to courier.
NoteAll Plants will be Shipped Bare Root (Price is for Succulent, pot  Included) Pot Is Not Included
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