Succulent Plants Set of 4 Indoor Pot & Plant Combo

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Description for Succulent Plants Set of 4 Indoor Pot & Plant Combo

Graptosedum has striking grey-green coloured, fleshy spoon-shaped leaves growing in a rosette on a stem. It is a popular groundcover plant in rockeries and water-wise gardens.

Aeonium Castello Paivie Variegated An evergreen variety, Aeonium-castello is a clumped succulent that produces multiple offsets having 10cm wide rosettes.

Lakshmi Kamal or Sempervivum 'Green Wheel is a mesmerizing evergreen succulent plant. Its layer after layer of pointy leaves forms a carpet of tightly packed rosettes which gives elegant look to any indoor space.

These are the best plant you can keep in your house as it symbolizes love and affection. They add a textured and structured look to any corner of your home. Their unbeatable beauty and hardy nature attract every person.


FeatureRequires low maintenance, Used as Ornament Plants, 
CategoryLive Plants
Size Of Plants

Graptosedum : 5 Inches

Aeonium Castello Paivie Variegated : 3 Inches

Lakshmi Kamal : 3 Inches

Senco : 3 Inches

Usagedecoration and planting
Common Name 

Graptosedum : Sedum weinbergii, Mother-of-pearl-plant and Ghost plant

Aeonium Castello Paivie Variegated :  Aeonium castello-paivae 'Suncup

Graptopetalum macdougallii :  Lakshmi Kamal


Dispatch Time Minimum 3-5 Days for Dispatch as Plants Have to be Dried before they can be packed to courier.
NoteIt includes Set of 4 Plants with Pots.

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