Decorative Buddha Statues

Placing Buddha statues around your home can bring peace, positive energy, good health and prosperity.

Buddha Statues

Buddha and Buddhism are inextricably linked to positivity. Buddha always preached the importance of having a mind that is free of negative thoughts. People all over the world listen to the preaching's. Having a Buddha statue in your home accelerates and energizes all aspects of life. It strengthens the weak aspects of your home by increasing the positive energy in your home. According to Feng Shui and Vaastu, the precise placement of the statue optimizes the 'chi,' or the flow of vital energy around your house. There are various types of statues that represent various meanings. Meditation Buddha Form, for example. exudes calm and peace, as well as protection. The Protection Buddha Form has a raised hand, which represents blessing, courage, and protection from delusions and fear. Reclining Buddha Form, with its profound meaning, depicts the compassion that comes with enlightenment, as well as the possibility of liberation from the cycle of rebirth. Another popular Budhha statue is the Laughing Buddha, which represents happiness and prosperity. It is said that rubbing the belly of this statue brings abundance into one's life. Buddha statues are very common in homes, offices, and gardens because they help revitalize homes and eliminate all negative energy that has accumulated. Home Garden House offers a variety of Buddha Statues that can help accelerate positivity in life. Some of them are listen below:-

1- Golden Black Meditating Buddha

2- Meditating Buddha Resin Showpiece

3-Meditating Buddha Statue ( White & Grey)

4-Serenity Buddha in Meditation Statue (Sky Blue) For

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