Terms and Conditions


Before availing of our services, we recommend that you be thorough with our terms and conditions. In the following bullets, the terms "we" and "us" ultimately refers to the owner of our website, and "you" pertains to viewers who browse the website. Also, these conditions keep changing from time to time.


  • All the contents displayed on the website might be changed or deleted without any prior notice.
  • We or any third party do not guarantee or issue a warranty for inaccuracies or lack of performance of any item or service sold on the website. So we won't hold any liabilities by law for those errors. 
  • If you are using any products, services, or information available on our website, we are not to be held as responsible if at all these materials did not fulfil your expectations or needs. 
  • We rightfully own many of the designs, layouts, and graphics used on the website. The copyright law strictly prohibits the reproduction of any of these contents elsewhere. 
  • We do not hold trademarks as our property and have acknowledged our license to the operator on the website wherever required. 
  • We might have to raise claims for damages done or criminal offense, in case we suspect any form of unauthorized use of our web pages. 
  • At places, we have mentioned links to a few other websites to provide extra information on our subjects. This in no way denotes any collaboration or endorsements with those websites and nor are we responsible for any of their contents. 
  • Make sure to acquire our written consent before creating or mentioning links to our website. 
  • Usage of the website contents, along with the subsequent disputes arising out of it, is clearly subject to trial by-laws prevalent in India and regulatory authorities.
  • The buyer himself shall bear all costs - product price, GST, and shipping charges. In case of cancellation or return, our cancellation policy will take the lead.
  • We accept cash, written cheques, credit cards, debit cards, master cards, and online payment modalities like Razorpay for making payments.