About Us

About Us


Who doesn't want gardens in the house? The freshness radiated by the greens and blossoms substantially makes the mood of inmates calmer and more pleasant. It provides them with a sense of being close to nature. Moreover, an aesthetic garden beautifies your house like no home decor ever can. 

People all across the world perceive gardening as merely growing new plants in a spare space. We believe gardening is way more than just that. It is a form of art, wherein people use their knowledge, skills, and love for plants to cultivate and nurture them in their locality. 


In case you want to invest in building a quirky garden area in your house, try us at Back Garden Nursery. If you came across our name for the very first time, let us enlighten you that we happen to be the largest online nursery that has been able to grow this far in a seemingly short period. We now boast of a vast family of happy customers who are in love with our gardening services. 


We are a one-stop destination for all your planting needs as we have got a variety of plants, seeds, as well as an exquisite garden accessory collection. Both small scale and large-scale gardening projects are welcome since we can sell about 5,000 stock-keeping units of plants and seeds. 




Our primary goal is to help people build their indoor gardens by providing them with all the necessities. We believe every house, big or small, must have a space dedicated to trees, plants, flowers, climbers, and sweet singing birds. Our products aid house owners in creating a beautiful and peaceful garden area. And you needn't worry about the space as we have got the best quality miniatures to save your day. 




We aim at forming an easy and dependable ordering system so that you can access our services, while also keeping in mind the varied needs of our customers. We desire our customers' fulfillment and support; they should get maximum value for the money they pay us. We hence strive to create this extensively perfect platform to take care of all your gardening needs. 


However, our rapid progress isn't stopping us from working extra hard to develop and maintain a group of gardening experts to address all your issues.